Texas Hold ‘em is one of the most exciting versions of Poker available, due to its intense anticipation when the cards are dealt in. This happens gradually in four separate stages, with a round of betting after each development – The Deal, The Flop, Fourth Street (also known as The Turn) and Fifth Street (also known as The River).

Each player is dealt just two cards and will hold only these two ‘hole cards’ for the duration of the contest. After receiving these cards and assessing their value, a first round of bets ensues where you can call, raise or fold.

During the contest ‘Community Cards’ will be laid face up on the table in three stages, the first being The Flop. In the Flop, three cards are laid down for all to see. In the minds of each player they add the cards to their own hands and again assess the power of their hand.

Another card is then added in what is known as Fourth Street. Players now have six cards at their disposal – four on the table and the two hole cards in their hand. If they can use the four on the table to supplement their two hole cards they may raise the stakes in the next round of betting.

The final development is known as Fifth Street or The River, where a fifth card is added to the community cards. There are now 5 cards on the table which you can visually add to your hole cards. This mental process is made easier by the slick graphic displays offered by poker rooms around.

Texas Hold ‘em is a community card game where much of the excitement comes from the cards laid down in the centre of the table. Each player has to read how the other players may be looking to incorporate these cards into their hand.

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