Three years in the making. Six different countries. Twenty-eight professional poker players. All of them Real Grinders. If you’ve ever wanted to know if you have what it takes to be a professional poker player, now is your chance to find out. We’ve brought together some of the best pro players from around the world to talk about every aspect of playing for a living; the good parts, the bad parts, the successes, and the challenges. Everything that separates the winners from the losers in a game where fortunes can be won or lost on the turn of a card, and a level head and a quick wit control the table.

Some of the players in this book include: Aaron Mordey, Alan McMaster, Alek Givotovsky, Alexander Antonios, Ashley Warner, Ashton Cartwright, Brett “brett_threat” Chalhoub, Bryan Huang, Chris Lee, Cole “TopKat5757” Swannack, Didier “didibearrrr” Guerin, Grant Levy, Jackie “Jackstar” Glazier, Jackson Zheng, Jacky Wang, Kahle Burns, Mathew Brown, Octavian Voegele, Oliver “Talerric” “SwoopAE” Gill, Patrick “pmahoney22” Mahoney, Paul Hockin, Rory Young, Ryan Laplante, Slava Sheynin, Tom “winga699” Wing, Victor Teng, and more. Real Grinders. Professional poker doesn’t get more real than this.

Real Grinders: How to Play Poker for a Living” provides great insight about the life of professional poker players to amateurs who have most likely thought of becoming a pro. It is filled with wisdom and stories – but don’t expect any hand histories or tips about when to go all-in or when to fold. Instead, it offers poker players a bit of insight about the steps they need to take to start playing poker for a living. Here is a short fragment for you to read:

“At times, at the extremes, playing poker for a living is almost identical to the movies; sometimes one card can really win you an absolute fortune, sometimes your opponents will have a stupidly obvious tell that let you know what they’re holding, sometimes you will play against fish who you don’t know what they’re doing, but they still talk as they are stellar players (and taking their money can be very satisfying indeed).

Although, just like in the movies, sometimes you’ll be at a game with bad people, and you’ll have to think very carefully about the best way to get out. Just like in the movies, you might vouch for someone you trust, and and end up getting screwed. Just like in the movies, you might find yourself re-evaluating the choices that led you to where you are today.

But everything they show you in the movies still only amounts to a very small proportion of what the life of a real grinder is really like.”

“Real Grinders: How to Play Poker for a Living” is definitely a must-read for everyone considering to become a professional poker player – it shows you what you have to face, and whether or not you would be better of sticking to online casino games.

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