If you are a Texas Hold em player and you are looking for new challenges, I can recommend blackjack you can play in any uk online casino.

In games theory then most games start off with some sort of basic theory behind them. Chess Grandmasters learn and study opening theory and also endgame theory. In other games like Backgammon then leading players in that game learn the theory of cube decisions and basic checker play. There is also a basic strategy in poker as well and once you understand it then you can be said to be a solid poker player. In blackjack then you need to know what to do with every two card total that you hold against whatever door card the dealer has.

What confuses novice players or for that matter experienced players who are also very stubborn is that the correct procedure for playing each hand has been carefully calculated by computers analysing the same situation over millions of hands. So when a computer analyses what you should do with 15 vs a 9 then it looks at every possible situation and comes out with a long term answer based on EV which is expected value and not on gut instinct or feel. So it says to take a card on 15 and not to stand but the very next card could bust you.

If you then think that this advice is wrong then you are guilty of looking at blackjack in a very short sighted way. This will destroy your bottom line but the good news is that if you learn a few basic strategy tables then you can play almost level with the house and almost totally eliminate the house edge against you. When you play accurate basic strategy without deviation then the house edge is only 0.5% against you. This essentially means that if you make $10 bets and the dealer deals 60 hands per hour then you are placing $600/hour in action and the dealer is taking 0.5% of that which is $3/hour.

So if you spend say seven hours inside a casino then your expected return is -$21 which is not bad for a night’s entertainment. If you factor into the equation that you may also get free food and drink then your overall net result is not as great as losing $21. This is the power of basic strategy because it brings you almost level with the house. The house edge in blackjack remains though for one simple reason and this is because of the fact that the dealer always gets to act second. This advantage is identical to the advantage of position in poker. The sheer power of acting second is huge in blackjack just as it is in poker of course.

In blackjack then if you have bust and the dealer then busts then the dealer still wins your money. This is a powerful edge that only expert card counting can overcome. But most game theory experts contend that selecting the proper strategy for any game begins by formulating a basic strategy and this is the benchmark from which all other strategies are built.

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