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Texas Hold ‘em is one of the most exciting versions of Poker available, due to its intense anticipation when the cards are dealt in. This happens gradually in four separate stages, with a round of betting after each development – The Deal, The Flop, Fourth Street (also known as The Turn) and Fifth Street (also known as The River).

Each player is dealt just two cards and will hold only these two ‘hole cards’ for the duration of the contest. After receiving these cards and assessing their value, a first round of bets ensues where you can call, raise or fold.

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The Game Day Poker Almanac Official Rules of Poker
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The Game Day Poker Almanac Official Rules of Poker is the poker rulebook of the Poker Almanac brand of poker reference books. The rulebook is one of the most complete set of poker rules ever published. Chapters include the Elements of Poker, Robert’s Rules of Poker, the Poker Tournament Directors Association Rules, the World Series of Poker Rules, Poker Etiquette, and an extensive Glossary. Includes index and six illustrations. The author, Kelli Mix, is a professional poker player and plays in various top-rated poker tournaments around the United States. The Game Day Poker Almanac is an annual almanac of poker-related[Read More]