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The Little Black Book of Poker
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Poker is a game of skill. (If you have friends who think otherwise, be sure to invite them to poker night.) It requires knowledge of odds, betting strategies, and nerves of steel. With an easy-to-understand breakdown of essential poker strategy, including probability tables and advice on the inexact science of bluffing, you can bet this poker primer delivers the inside straight on how to survive poker night with your wallet intact. Odds are you’ll pick up serious tips from these pages packed with information on one of the world’s most popular card games. In addition[Read More]
Get Your Head Out Of Your Ace! Black & White Edition: The No Mucking Around Texas Holdem Poker Guide
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This short, quick reference, Texas Hold’em Poker Guide is a must own for all poker players in my opinion. Nowadays Texas Hold’em is a household name and the king of the local poker rooms. Playing cards these days isn’t just about having fun at the table, but knowing your odds, probabilities, and tells. This book will hopefully advance your game and serve as a quick reference guide to you in the future. Even though Poker is considered a “game of skill”, just remember there’s still a lot of “gambling” involved as well. So just remain calm when that Donkey “sucks[Read More]